21 Day Challenge

taught by Cayley Smit

Course description

Doing this challenge is easy, provided you're committed. 

Just work along day by day with the videos, each day offers something different...from breath work to core work, to soft, reflective work to strong, dynamic work. The time commitment of each day varies. Never less than 10 minutes and never more than 1hour and 15 minutes. The times are provided with each day's heading so you can plan for what is required.

You'll have unlimited access to the material for 21 days and you can do the days in any order you wish. Although there are some lessons that have been set as "prerequisites" and need to be completed before moving ahead to other material. We also recommend that day 5 and 20 stay fixed as these are "moon days" (i.e. when the moon is either full or new) and it is nice to take it a bit easier these days. 

Cayley and I are here also (virtually at least) to help answer any questions and to be your cheerleaders!

So let's get going... but first, remember; the perks of this challenge are:

1) you'll get a month of free unlimited classes with Harmony Yoga BVI when you finish the challenge - including another month's access to the challenge material itself so you can go back in and do any of your favourite lessons again (amazing!);

2) you'll get membership to a closed Facebook Group offering support, tips and inspiration (v. cool);

3) you'll receive a certificate of completion when you finish (to frame for your wall);

4) plus, you'll get 21 consecutive days of yoga - to nourish your mind and body, kick start your yoga practice and provide a sanity-line of support (yessss! just what I need)!

Note:  In order to claim your free month's worth of classes (excludes courses and special events) you must finish the full 21 day challenge within 21 days. This doesn't mean you have to do a challenge each day - so if you have one of those "off-days" (which we all have) don't despair, it just means you'll need to double up on one of the other days when you're feeling more "mighty"! 

Let's do this!

Cayley Smit
Cayley Smit

Cayley has a real vision to make yoga accessible to all of us and creating this 21 day challenge was her idea. She founded Harmony Yoga BVI in 2012 and is an activist for building a strong BVI yoga community. Cayley teaches yoga on and off the mat -- her classes are rich with anatomical knowledge, consideration and compassion.


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Before we begin...
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Let's get started! Day 1 (20 minutes)
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Day 3 (16 minutes)
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Day 12 (approx 1 hour)
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Day 13 (approx 40 minutes)
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Day 16 (approx 1 hour)
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Day 18 (approx 45 minutes)
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Day 19 (approx 50 minutes)
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Day 20 (20 minutes)
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